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A and Z, how fun is that?

Playing around with their initials is something Ive been dying to do, so when a friend of mine asked me to put together a scrapbook for her and her boyfriend, I was so excited. This year, the couple decided that they would only do “meaningful” gifts so this was her gift to him. Most of the pictures are are from his favorite US city (San Fransisco), making it a great gift for him since he was headed back to Serbia.

The papers are mostly “Max and Whispers” by Basic Grey.

The book is filled with hidden journaling, fold-outs, flip up and  envelope pages. It makes for a very interactive scrapbook. I thought it was nice that they could share the photos and albums with others but her notes to him would remain personal.

Here are some of the pages…







I know I’ve been saying this about all my albums lately, but I love this mini album.  These pictures were all taken with my phone on a trip to Detoit last year. We were enjoying happy hour at Greektown Casino and I whipped out my camera phone and starting snapping away. 

When it came time to scrapbook,  I couldn’t pick which pictures to use since so many of the pictures are so similiar (and of course they were all camera phone quality) . So this style of mini was perfect because I was able to use all the pictures. 

This album ended up being so much fun to work on for a number of reasons… 

  1. He loves the movie “Up” and the My Adventure Book. I thought it would be fun to do a spin on that book 
  2. I’ve been dying to make a mini album like this every since I saw something similiar in an magazine (Simple Scrapbooks: Mini Albums in a Evening) 
  3.  It was quick and easy!!! Love the sense of accomplishment!!! 
  4. I have so many small weekend trips to scrapbook that I’m inspired to work on them all 
  5. I only used 2 sheets of patterned paper (double-sided)


Here are a couple of the inside pages

Album Stats:

  • Pinished size: 10×4″
  • Picture size: 3×5″
  • Solid cardstock: Archivers
  • Patterned Paper: KaiserCraft (Loire Valley Collection)
  • Stamps: Kelly Panacci, Fancy Pants, various
  • Felt words: American Crafts
  • Other embellishements: American Crafts

Here is a sneak peak of my most recent mini album. I will post the rest of the album soon…..

Since joining Etsy, I’ve seen a ton of requests for Adventur

e Books.  So far, I’ve made about 4 of them. I’m really happy with this latest one.  I think I’ve greatly improved on my techniques. Now, all I have to do is find some letters that I love. I love these, but unfortunately I can’t find any more of them.

My Adventure Book

 ETA:  The my Adventure Books now have a new look

As much as I resisted my cousin’s request for a purple album, I really love this album. It was a lot of fun to make.

Purple Acrylic Cover

Purple Acrylic - Open Cover

I made this wordbloom for my cousin Tiona. Tia (from my recent post) is her twin sister. Despite both books being wordblooms, I tried to make them a little different to fit with their personalities.

I’ve been promising my cousins albums for the last couple of Christmases. Well this year I actually completed them. Here is the WordBloom for my cousin Tia. We decided to go with her last name instead of her first name or MsTia