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Little Toad always does such a great job with her treasuries. Check out her latest one in honor of MLK Jr day.

'I HAVE A DREAM by littletoad on Etsy'


Many thanks to LittleToad for adding the My Adventure Book to this treasury.  It’s so amazing!!!

The treasury is inspired by the movie UP. The funny thing is that I actually started making these books via an alchemy request before I saw the movie. A friend of mine had taken his daughter to see the movie and told me that I just had to see it.  Sure enough, it was a great movie.

Check out the treasury and the many talented etsy sellers who contributed to it.

Old New Again
Greatest Friend
Two Turtle-Doves
Skippy Designs
Bragging Bags
Magpie and Cake Boutique
Carol Mai’s Vintage Clothing and Delights
Lionsgate Designs
Slightly Embellished
Whimsy Love
Hibou Bleu
Photography by Aime Claire
Old Meets New, Vintage but Classy
Dog Art by Brian Rubenacker
Lola Rain