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My nephew happens to be a tad obsessed with dinosaurs. It’s like he can point one out from a mile away. So I decided to pick him up from pre-school early and take him to the Natural History Museum.  Granted my camera was on the wrong setting, but I still love this picture of him. To me, it captures the awe and amazement of when he walked in and yelled “IT’S DINO DAN. THIS IS SO COOL!!”.

I can’t wait to scrapbook these 🙂

First visit to the Natural History Museum (Cleveland)



As much as I resisted my cousin’s request for a purple album, I really love this album. It was a lot of fun to make.

Purple Acrylic Cover

Purple Acrylic - Open Cover

I made this wordbloom for my cousin Tiona. Tia (from my recent post) is her twin sister. Despite both books being wordblooms, I tried to make them a little different to fit with their personalities.

I’ve been promising my cousins albums for the last couple of Christmases. Well this year I actually completed them. Here is the WordBloom for my cousin Tia. We decided to go with her last name instead of her first name or MsTia

My computer died so I haven’t been able to update my blog. Nevertheless, here are a couple of photos from the harvest.


My asparagus beans reached 21″!!!!!!!




A quick highlight of the trip…..




a 6×12 mini album i made for the craft fair. This line of papers is called Urban Cosmos